A new concept of art preservation
Kala Raksha Trust, a grassroots social enterprise, is dedicated to preservation of traditional arts. We envision this broadly, as holistic encouraging of the creative capacity of the artist.

Comprising artisans, community members, and experts in the fields of art, design and museums, Kala Raksha was founded on artisan initiative in 1993 in the desert region Kutch, in India.

Uniquely committed to documenting existing traditions, the Trust maintains a collection of heirloom textiles housed as a local Museum. Artisans participated in establishing this Museum. Thus it embodies a simple but revolutionary concept: involve people in presenting their own cultures.

Artisan initiative and participation continue to be the pillars of Kala Raksha's work. Artisan Design Committees create exquisite contemporary work based in their traditions. Artisan Pricing Committees establish fair wages. Finally, artisans participate in sale of their work, linking them directly to their market.

Kala Raksha produces some of the most exquisitely hand embroidered and patch worked products made in Kutch. Using only natural fibers and wherever possible natural dyes, the Trust makes a wide range of garments, accessories and home furnishings.

Income generation is the beginning of comprehensive development. Kala Raksha artisans also attend integrated Preventive Health Care and Basic Education Programs. In 2005, our education initiative blossomed into Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya, the first institution of design for traditional artisans, and in 2010, we launched the trademark Artisan Design.

Honoree of the 2001 International Responsible Tourism Showcase, Kala Raksha Centre is located in Sumrasar Sheikh, 25 km north of Bhuj. Here, the museum, production unit, shop and guest house inhabit structures that adapt traditional architecture to contemporary function. A model for community development, the Centre is locally managed and operates with solar power.

What Kala Raksha preserves is the essence of art. Traditions are preserved when they flourish.


KALA RAKSHA products are sold through shops at our Center in Sumrasar, Hotel Ilark in Bhuj, and Rann Riders in Dasada. See our products page for more information.